Cross between Animal Cookies and Original Glue. Zookies provides deep sedation, while keeping the mind motivated. It is a well rounded medical strain, that is very popular on west coast. Top Shelf!

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Zookies, originally bred by Alien Labs, is a strain named with its heritage in mind. Order Space Monkey Meds Online, Animal Cookies and Gorilla #4 are it’s parent strains, Buy Space Monkey Meds Online, creating a zoo of an experience in its diversity. It’s a 50/50 hybrid, meaning it can produce both sativa and indica effects in the consumer ranging from energy and inspiration to bodily relaxation and sedation according to reviews from consumers. Space Monkey Meds For Sale Online, It bears a unique scent and flavor profile, being of sweet nutty cookies with hints of chocolate or coffee, a bit of pepper, and a some diesel in there as well that it gets from its Gorilla #4 parent. Online Space Monkey Meds Shop, When you first look at Zookie nugs, you’ll notice they’re dense with lavender hues amid deep greens and sienna-colored pistils. Quality Space Monkey Meds for sale online, All of these colors are coated in a fine layer of trichomes, and its buds are easy to break apart.

THC levels can reach closely to 30%, so keep an eye on this strain’s percentage before trying it. How to buy Space Monkey Meds Online,  Some that have tried this strain have said like it for its ability to reduce pain throughout the body, be it in the joints or the muscles. Discreet Space Monkey Meds for sale Online, Reviewers have used this strain to fight depression and fatigue, making it a strain that can possibly increase energy for some consumers. Legal Space Monkey Meds For Sale Online, Some women have even used Zookies to help calm menstrual cramps.

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